We, as a board, deciding that transparency is where it's at!  Starting today, all board meeting minutes will be posted here after they're approved.  We will post the past five months of minutes, and if you have any questions, please ask Mike Strange or Joe Puett.
As a club we strive for consistency, good decision making, and truth-telling--it's what being a Rotary member is all about, after all!
Emily (Vice President)
Rotary Club of Sierra Vista
Board Meeting 6/16/2016
Attending were Club President Emily Scherrer and Club Officers Jack Lintner, Mike Strange, Joe Britton, Joe Puett, Les Orchekowski, Frank Gonzalez, John Spengler, Annie Gibson, Brian Barkdull, and Nancy Fusco, making a quorum. 
In routine business and calendar:
  • The minutes of the May Board meeting were approved.
  • Treasurer Jack presented a verbal budget report because it will only be a few weeks until the final end of the year statements.  Our year end balance should be about the same as last year.
  • The District Governor will visit the club meeting on 8/22.
  • Installation of new officers and presentation of 2015-16 awards will be at the regular club meeting on June 27.  Assistant District Governor Hank Huisking will be present.
An membership application for Bob Hebert has been received from Tony Waalkens.  Bob is a past member of our club and of the Sunrise Rotary Club.  Several members are aware of repeated unpleasant incidents when Bob was a member of our club, and at other events in town.  The Board voted unanimously to deny Bob’s admittance to our club.  Emily will notify Tony.
Mike discussed ice cream at the Fourth of July event; Mike is vendor chairman.  For the past 10+ years the Historical Society has had a booth out of a Schwann’s freezer truck.  Now Schwann’s has decided to not continue with this.  Mike had informal discussions with the Sunrise Rotary club about running a simple ice cream tent, maybe out of a home freezer (there is power available).  This idea came about because our club is already heavily committed to staffing the beer booth, drink trailers, and hot dogs at Stone Field.  It turns out the Sunrise Club has 15 of their 25 members already committed to the Fourth of July party, so it is too late to realistically find someone for this.  It was suggested that this might be a good project for Rotaract/Interact clubs next year.
Randy Sueskind’s tenure with the club has been discussed and documented at previous Board meetings.  It is uncertain whether Randy will begin paying his dues again.  Those who are covering him currently will stop in July.  Randy has been running the Fourth of July event for about 6 years.  This is a very big job.  Joe will discuss the situation  with Randy after 7/4.
Annie reported that exchange student Alice Bayard left this morning.  She is on a tour of the USA until she rejoins her family in France.  Grant Lawley will be returning from Taiwan in a few days.  We are not sponsoring or accepting an exchange student in the 2016-17 year, but Annie wants to find an exchange student for 2017-18.  She plans a presentation at our club to look for out-bound potentials.  The Board voted and approved support for 2017-18.
Joe discussed grants.  We are fully qualified (by formal training) to receive grants but need to sign a memorandum of understanding with RI.  This MOU will need the signatures of current and next Club Presidents.
Les explained matching points for contributions to our Rotary Foundation.  Because of the way the accounting process works, although we are approaching $300/member in contributions (highest in the district), we may not have matching points to contribute to events like El Tour next fiscal year.
The next Club Board Meeting is scheduled for July 13th JOE time and place  ????
Respectfully submitted,
Mike Strange, Secretary