Upcoming Events for October—
Oct. 3 -  Joe Puett:  Highlights from the 2022 District Conference
Oct. 10 – No noon meeting: Columbus Day / Indigenous Peoples Day
Oct. 17 - Joe Puett: "Cyber Fraud" a Personal Story of Attack and Defense
Oct. 22 – “Make a Difference Day” – Work day to help install a split rail fence at the dirt bike pump track at the Domingo Paiz Sports Complex.
Oct 24 - Ty Baze: Salvation Army Sierra Vista Update; World Polio Day
Oct. 31 - Margaret Hepburn: Overview of the Legacy Foundation of South East Arizona
The Cochise County School Superintendent, Jacqui Clay, was speaker at the Rotary Club of Sierra Vista. The focus of her talk was about the Cochise Education Foundation (CEF), the organization in the county that has the mission to Recruit, Retain, and Recognize teachers for the county. Organized in 2009, the CEF is composed of community members interested in the education of our children, and recruiting, retaining, and recognizing quality teachers for our schools. The foundation consists of various stakeholders in Cochise County, including businesses, community members, parents, active and retired teachers, administrators, and college/university personnel.
In her overview of the foundation, Ms. Clay urged us to assist in recruiting, retaining, and recognizing candidates for teachers who want to make a difference. We can do this if we promote Cochise County schools; help work for positive change in schools; advocate for teachers; and validate teachers for their work through recognition programs such as the Cochise County Teacher of the Year program and Classroom Teacher Mini-Grants.
The Cochise Education Foundation (CEF) awards grants to support creative classroom
projects to teachers throughout Cochise County. This year, the Rotary Club of Sierra Vista awarded a $500 grant to the Teacher of the Year program for Cochise County, to provide some resources to help recognize Cochise County teachers. Gallup research
shows that consistent recognition for doing good work has a direct influence on key performance measures that we use to evaluate our schools. Teachers who receive regular recognition and praise are more productive, more engaged at work, more likely to stay with their school, and are more likely to receive higher satisfaction scores from students and parents.
Ms. Clay also asked us to consider being volunteers as judges for the 2023 Teacher of the Year (ToY) recognition program. The process is intended to select teachers who are representative of the finest teachers in Cochise County and Arizona. The process also provides an opportunity for educators to reflect on their practice, in so doing, promote continued personal growth. The Teacher of the Year program provides outstanding recognition for the chosen teachers and their respective schools, in addition to serving to inspire excellence in the community.  Ms. Clay said we can help with financial assistance to provide funds for CEF Mini-Grants ($200 for each award) for outstanding classroom teachers, and to help pay for participants to attend the ToY Luau in April 2023.

A few pictures from the District Conference..