For the regular noon meeting of the Rotary Club of Sierra Vista, new Club President Mr. Joe Puett conducted a “Club Assembly” to outline club goals and objectives for the Rotary year 2016 –17. President Joe took a few moments to briefly outline his objectives for the club and highlighted the RI Presidential Citation goals (this was a handout for every club member) which he explained is like ‘doing normal things in Rotary for us,” and that it is “Our Club” not “My Club.”
President Joe also likes ‘good ideas’ and wants members to take charge of new projects, and to continue the strategic focus of being “The Club” in Sierra Vista to belong to and to improve our membership in size and diversity. He continued to use the RIPresident’s goals to focus the club on membership growth and has organized teams for a membership drive, asking each club member to get with the team members on the handout and seek to add at least one new member to the club/team (16 teams).

We also received a preliminary Rotary Monthly Schedule that has club meetings, Dine Arounds and social events on the calendar and proposed projects for the club to consider. (He is sending out a ‘Survey Monkey’ questionnaire.)
Concluding his presentation, club members asked questions about projects and typical meetings for the club and how RI changes from the Council on Legislation might impact our club’s By Laws. To address the issues, the Board of Directors
will consider proposals for changes to be presented to the membership.